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Meet the Doctor

Reza Tafrishi, D.D.S

Dr. Tafrishi is a life-long student who continually pursues education. He is passionate about the human body as a system working together to create overall health.  He is especially enthusiastic about the oral cavity since it is the gateway to the body.

He graduated from TUMS Medical School overseas as a family physician where he treated patients for seven years.  As Dr. Tafrishi observed gum disease and bacteria in the mouth contribute to diabetes, heart problems, low birth weight babies, some forms of cancer and many other health problems, he became more conscious about the importance of oral health care and its relation to systemic health.

Because he is a life-long learner; being a family physician, no longer provided a challenge for Dr. Tafrishi.  Consequently he returned to school and earned a degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery magna cum laude from the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, University of Maryland, graduating in the top ten of his class. Dr. Tafrishi’s expertise for minor surgeries gained from his medical office had given him the confidence to serve patients in private dental practice.

Dr. Tafrishi joined North Point Dental Associates in 2008 as an associate dentist & has cared for patients in the Dundalk community since then. In January 2013, he took over the practice after the previous dentist decided to slow down.

Dr. Tafrishi strives to learn the latest in new dental technologies and techniques to ensure that your care at North Point Dental Associates is the best possible with the most comfortable treatment available.  He regularly earns continuing education credits well in excess of the number required to maintain his dental license. Not only is dentistry his profession, it is also his passion. Dr. Tafrishi is a perfectionist who performs all dental procedures at the best level possible. He truly loves dentistry and spends hours reading the latest professional journals.  He also spends many hours each year attending lectures on newest dental procedures and materials.